Photography Workshops

Bring off camera lighting into your photography to create unique artistic images. Off camera lighting can be used in any type of photography including weddings, portraits, pet and family photography. 

I conduct full day workshops to cover basic lighting setups indoors and outdoors, right through to post-production and the finished image ready for print. 

Things learnt on the course will include off-camera lighting/theory, balancing flash with ambient light to create mood and drama, modifiers, high-speed sync (HSS). There will be a photo shoot with a model for practical experience and then post-production and editing workflow.

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Upcoming Workshops

***No workshops are running until further notice.

1 Day Off Camera Lighting/Editing Workshop

Cost: $350 (lunch/morning/afternoon tea will be provided) 

All lighting equipment is provided so you don't need to own or bring your own.

Images from the photo shoot can be used to build your portfolio.


Workshop Testimonials

"Nigel's off camera flash workshop was fantastic! The day was very relaxed, flexible and fun. Nigel took complex ideas and made them simplistic, workable concepts. He made a genuine effort to ensure he spent time with all of us, and did encourage us to ask him as many questions as we liked. Watching Nigel's workflow was amazing, and it was refreshing to see a professional photographer be so honest about getting a photo from point A to point B. Can't wait to do another workshop with you!"- Amanda Cross 

"I'm so glad I attended the Nigel Unsworth Off Camera Lighting Workshop. For a long time, I have been wanting to better understand off camera lighting and how to use it to replace, or to work with, natural light. I found Nigel to be funny, open and generous with his tips and techniques. I also very much appreciated his help in trying to achieve the same lighting techniques with my own speed light rather than the ones he was using. I also found that the help didn't stop at the workshop alone, Nigel was helpful before the workshop and also encouraged us to email/ask him questions afterwards as well. Thank you for a great day, I look forward to practising my new learned skills” Danni Evans 

"I have recently attended Nigel's off camera flash and editing workshop in Bowral. I learnt so much from it, more than I was expecting. Nigel is down to earth, funny and easy to learn from as he explained it all in a very casual manner and made the whole experience worth the trip from Geelong worth it. Highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge for their business. Fantastic place, great assistant and a beautiful model. I will be back for another one next year for sure” - Shelley Carmen

"It was great to attended the Nigel's Workshop. I am following his work for a long time and always wanted to learn his techniques. Nigel is extremely passionate about what he does and I learnt an incredible amount in the short space of time we had. I really loved being there and seeing how Nigel works, he makes everything very simple. It really helped me to understand that I’m on the right track" - Armadeep Bedi

"Fantastic workshop! Thanks again Nigel, it was well worth travelling 15hrs to attend" - Lyn McConnell

Post Production Example

Workshop Images